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Who We Are !

We are the world of IT technology and solutions specialized in many IT Open Source Technologies. We provide the solutions and consultation to the startups and many IT organization to solve their real world problems related to Cloud, DevOps, Cloud Native, Containerization, Automation, Microservices, App Modernization, Serverless, IaaS and PaaS. 


ShashanksrInfo is an IT consulting services provider based out of India. We focus on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions. We have been a trusted partner to several small companies enabling businesses to overcome critical business challenges. We hold a deep experience and expertise in providing solutions for complex IT implementation projects and integrating emerging technologies in a dynamic environment.

We also believe in sharing technical skills and knowledge with IT enthusiasts to make their future and career better with the increasing demand in the IT market. Our Vision and Mission is to aware the people about the IT World, IT demand, IT needs, IT Skills, IT market, IT Companies and IT Technologies which help them in shaping their own career better . Through our guidance, support workshops, training many are gearing up their technical skills and getting ready for many job opportunities. 

Why Us !


We are a fast-growing team of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals with excellence in service delivery, enabling faster innovation and higher productivity. Our services are dynamic, scalable, resilient and responsive. We take a highly collaborative approach to align our services with your business goals.

Our cutting-edge services made us a seamless extension of our clients. With our dynamic, scalable, resilient and responsive offerings, we ensure rapid growth and high value for our clients.

ShashanksrInfo consulting services include a wide range of technology service offerings in various domains such as Cloud Computing, Automation, Containerization, DevOps, Microservices, Platform As A Service, Cloud Native Services, App Modernization, Serverless. 

We gauge our success by customer success and regard it as a privilege to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.




We are experts in full fledged automation of Cloud Services, Storage and Infrastructure with Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat Ansible Tower, Python, Shell Scripting and Hashicorp Terraform (IaC)  for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Providers (AWS, GCP, Openstack, Azure)


Speed up your application delivery with Containers that offers scalability and portability. We are the experts of Containerization domain for building containerized application, application deployment and app modernization with Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, EKS, ECS, GKE and AKS.


DevOps helps you overhaul the development process by establishing collaborative measures between the Operations Teams and Software Engineers. This is done by automating and optimizing the IT operations and establishing a seamless flow of communication.


The traditional approach to building applications has focused on the monolith–having all deployable parts of the app contained within that single app. This has its downsides: the larger the app, the harder it is to quickly address new problems and add new features. A microservice-based approach to building apps helps solve these issues and boost development and response.

Platform As A Service

For developers and programmers who have ideas and write the code to make those ideas reality but who don’t have or want the equipment and the hassle of maintaining that equipment in their own facilities - PaaS is a great option. Red Hat OpenShift is a container application platform offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. 

Cloud Native

To succeed in fast-paced, software-driven markets, companies must change the way they design, build, and use applications. Cloud-native application development is an approach to building, running, and improving apps based on well-known techniques and technologies for cloud computing. Developers design cloud native applications to be scalable, platform agnostic, and comprised of microservices.

Cloud Computing Services

Corporate and government entities utilize cloud computing services to address a variety of application and infrastructure needs such as CRM, database, compute, and data storage. We make sure to meet specific cloud deployment needs of the customers by offering extensive support in Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud deployment which enables them to have complete control over their cloud infrastructure.

Serverless Computing (FaaS)

Simple functions in isolation make development easier, while event-driven execution makes operations cheaper. Serverless computing enables developers to build applications faster by eliminating the need for them to manage infrastructure. With serverless applications, the cloud service provider automatically provisions, scales and manages the infrastructure required to run the code.

Cloud Migration

The general goal or benefit of any cloud migration is to host applications and data in the most effective IT environment possible, based on factors such as cost, performance and security. When considering migration to cloud, it is vital for enterprises to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is best and the order in which applications and environments are migrated to the cloud.

Motivating the upcoming generation to transform their career into IT ....



We want to aware the students of B.Tech, BCA, M.Tech and MCA to help individuals to develop their professional potential in the most engaging World of IT Industry. A proper foundation for a good career is a pre-requisite for achieving great heights in life and the earlier it is, the better it goes.

People take years to figure out the right career and the approach to achieve their dreams. But by the time they figure all this, it's already too late.

To create an awareness amongst the young, passionate & enthusiastic students about the IT World and IT Technologies we are delivering guest lecture/session's in various domains like Linux, Cloud, Platform As A Service, Automation, Containerization, Cloud Native and DevOps which help students to know about the IT technologies, IT domains, IT demand, IT certifications and the real world use cases.

With this, they can easily analyse themselves and will be able to choose the way to create path for better career in IT. It will also help students to implement their ideas, approaches and thoughts related to IT and its areas for their projects.

Kindly do contact on +91-8787254420 for further discussion

Don't wait for opportunity, Create it ......

Choose your  own way to create path for your success ......



We are conducting 1-2 days workshop on various IT Technologies integrations with project ideas with Red Hat Ansible, Ansible Tower, AWS CloudFormation, Hashicorp Terraform, Red Hat OpenShift, AWS, GCP, DevOps, Cloud Automation, Infrastructure Automation, Containerization, Software Defined Storage automation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and much more which will help students to know about the Technologies, and

can learn and implement according to their interest to integrate with their projects and applications for high end use. 

Kindly do contact on +91-8787254420 for further discussion

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing Workshop includes core concepts of Cloud Computing, Hypervisors, Virtualization, importance of Linux, building of your own private cloud, concept/types of object and block storage, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud types, different Cloud Computing services like IaaS, SaaS, StaaS, Caas, PaaS, concept and handson with AWS basic services, concept and comparison of Google Cloud Platform. 

Linux Administration:

Linux Workshop includes introduction and core concepts of Linux Kernel, Linux OS flavors, command line and GUI , importance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, comparison in Ubuntu/Red hat/Fedora/CentOS, system administration, user administration, permissions, file systems, volume management, server administration.


Automation Workshop includes introduction to IT Infrastructure & Cloud  automation, automation needs and demand in IT, Types of automation, automation technologies, provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration, Ansible core concepts and handson automation, Ansible Tower introduction, cloud provisioning, concept of Infrastructure As Code (IaC), IaC technologies/providers, comparison and handson with Terraform and CloudFormation.


DevOps Workshop includes introduction and need of DevOps, DevOps - A culture/practice, DevOps process and automation, DevOps adoption, Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery (CI/CD), CI/CD Pipeline, DevOps basic technologies and tools, Source code management with Git/Github, Build automation & CI with Jenkins, Container application development with Docker and deployment on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Configuration management & automation with Ansible, IaC with Terraform, AWS Cloud in production, Monitoring applications with Prometheus and Grafana.   


Containerization Workshop includes introduction to containerization, virtualization vs containerization, need and demand of containers, container technologies introduction, Docker handson, Kubernetes demand and need, Kubernetes hands-on with AWS,  OpenShift introduction and demand.


Meet the team

Shashank Srivastava


Mr. Shashank Srivastava is a Cloud Native Services & Platform As A Service Specialist, DevOps, Containerization & IT Automation expert, Technical Speaker and IT Trainer. He has overall 3 years of IT industry experience and providing solutions to the real world IT problems to various organizations by consulting and training.

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About the Founder

Mr. Shashank Srivastava is a Cloud Native Services & Platform As A Service Specialist, DevOps, Containerization & IT Automation expert, Technical Speaker, Trainer and his high passion towards teaching and deep reach-ability helps to establish a great bond with students/employees, resulting in simplifying the process of getting Job in IT Industry.

With 2.10 years of IT industry experience in Cloud, DevOps, PaaS, IaaS, Cloud Native, Container Native, Containerization and Automation domain.
Expertise, Knowledge and deep understanding in the following domain:
Platform As A Service
Infrastructure As A Service
Cloud Native Services
App Modernization
Infrastructure As Code

Application Deployment
Cloud Automation
Infrastructure Automation
IT Automation
Cloud Management

He has great working experience in more than 6 Red Hat Technologies and more than 8 Open Source Technologies.

He has delivered more than 5 successful client projects and now leading ahead with consulting for many IT startups as well as abroad clients by implementing and integrating open source IT technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana, OpenShift, Openstack, CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Helm, Terraform, Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Ansible Tower, Gluster
Storage, Ceph, IBM Cloud Private and many more.

​He has started an Initiative to share his knowledge and experience with the college students by delivering guest lecture's and session's to aware them about IT industry and various high end Open Source IT Technologies demanded in the market, values of IT Certifications and guiding them to start their career in giant IT industries with multiple IT skills.

He has delivered Guest Lecture's/Session's on Cloud Computing with AWS, IT Automation with Ansible & Ansible Tower, Configuration Management, Provisioning, Infrastructure As Code, Cloud & DevOps Automation, Containerization with Docker & Kubernetes.

A self-motivation and dedication leads to a successful career....


Conference on Red Hat Emerging Technologies includes Openshift, Openstack, RHEL, Ansible, CloudForms, Satellite




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We provide the solutions and consultation to the startups and many IT organization to solve their real world problems related to Cloud, DevOps, Cloud Native, Containerization, Automation, Microservices, App Modernization, Serverless, IaaS and PaaS. 

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