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We as trusted partner with many colleges and mentoring people hearing for our organization as testimonials from Students, IT professionals and Faculties from various colleges.

I am a Computer Science Engineering graduate, working in Drishti Software Solution as a Product Engineer. Being junior to Mr. Shashank Srivastava sir, got the chance to meet him when I was in my 2nd year. I was new to the IT world but he guided me to go with IT technologies and emerging IT trends like Machine Learning and Data Science. 

I started learning the emerging IT trends and being in “Non-IIT, NIT, IIIT” college which doesn’t matter to me, got the expertise in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Cloud, Linux and Python. His encouraging words and his knowledge in every field always helps me a lot. He has a very good technical knowledge in various IT domains and the best thing is he always wants to teach everything he knows to everyone. I am very lucky to have senior like him.

Besides these things he is a great motivator and has motivated me a lot in my career to move on further without being depressed of not getting selection in the starting phase of my career. He has not only motivated but has shared his good and bad experiences with us. I am also his most favorite Junior.  

Adarsh Mishra

Product Engineer(DevOps), Drishti Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
SHUATS, Allahabad
B.Tech 2019 Pass-out
LinkedIn Profile:

I am working as Product Engineer(DevOps) in Ameyo Software Solution. Shashank was my junior in college but I can proudly say that he is more knowledgeable person than me. He has very good knowledge of Open Source IT Technologies. After completing my M.Tech. I started looking for a job in web development domain but then Shashank briefed me about Cloud & DevOps.
He was guiding me and introduced with various technologies like AWS Cloud, Automation tools and technologies, Containerization  technologies and much more.

Within 2 months of time span I learned lots of technologies including Linux, AWS, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible with hands-on expertise. I was very new to this domain but he guided in such a way that my base was also cleared and I was ready to go ahead with interviews. I got the job in 2 months and was felt great to get into IT industry. 
He is always there to support me and others also without thinking of anything. He always treated me as an elder brother and by  nature he is a great guy with a very soft-heart.

Vivek Prakash

Product Engineer(DevOps), Ameyo Software Solutions
SHUATS, Allahabad
B.Tech, M.Tech 2018 Pass-out
LinkedIn Profile:

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
As a tech geek, I always wanted to learn some cutting-edge technology, and I met Mr. Shashank, my friend, batch-mate 2013.He guided and inspired me for new technologies emerging in the IT market. 
I still remember, he himself took an initiative and requested me to do a project in Cloud, while I was in my B.Tech. Then, I started my career with Cloud and I am now a CloudOps Engineer.
My hearty gratitude and respect to such a great friend who inspired me, and still inspiring many more. I can say for sure, that Shashank has ample knowledge and experience in handling trending technologies like DevOps, Cloud and much more. 

Enoch Antony

CloudOps Engineer, Laerdal-Impelsys Bangalore
Experience: 1+ years
SHUATS, Allahabad
B.Tech 2017 Pass-out
LinkedIn Profile:

Shashank is great inspiration for us within short span of his career he is performing excellent, RedHat certified and helping others to get aware of cloud platform. Keep up the good work.

Pooja Chougule

Big Data Architect, Globant Pune
Experience: 4+ years
LinkedIn Profile:

Shashank is very good technically for his skill set and is an inspiration for most of the crowd now-a-days. In very short period of time he has learnt and taught lots of new skills. He is a very good when it comes to get right guidance.

Rohini Rithe

Software Engineer (Big Data), GSPANN Inc. Pune
Experience: 5 years
LinkedIn Profile:

I met Shashank almost a year back then got to know his skills and domain in IT. At that time, I was really in confusion which domain should I develop my interest in.
He has not only helped me in introducing to the new IT technologies but also taught me Linux. He has thorough and deep understanding of Linux, Cloud, DevOps, Automation and Containerization domain and has good technological skills with multiple technologies like Red Hat, AWS, Jenkins, Git, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift etc. His technical skills and teacher in him helped me finding my domain and skills. Right now, I am working in TATA Consultancy Services in Linux Team. I am genuinely thankful to him for all the support, guidance and motivation throughout.

Vartika Pandey

System Engineer, TCS Gurgaon
Experience: 3.5 years
LinkedIn Profile:

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